Real-Time Insights For Improving Clinical Outcomes

Offering the right tools for proactively managing patient health, coordinating care across providers, and supporting accountable care models.

Healthcare reform and shifting patterns of reimbursement are driving healthcare organizations to seek technology that can help track, analyze, and predict care to individuals and that can coordinate care for higher quality at a lower cost.

Providing better follow up care and creating more cohesive care teams among the doctors, nurses, specialists, technicians, and social workers involved in the care of an individual is the new business imperative for HIEs. Jersey Health Connect is helping to eliminate “gaps in care” where information falls through the cracks and patient care is adversely impacted.

Population health management is as much about the business components of delivering care and clinical process changes… as it is about the technology. In supporting population health management (and Accountable Care Organizations) JHC not only provides timely data, but also makes it understandable and functional – allowing caregivers to sort through it for specific needs and purposes.

  • Patient Lookup Query, used by clinicians in the JHC network to pull or query consolidated-clinical document architecture about a patient they are treating
  • Direct Messaging, used by participants in JHC member organizations to securely push data about a patient to other healthcare providers and partners
  • Encounter Notification, used to automatically notify participating providers that their patients have been admitted or discharged to an area healthcare facility