Connecting New Jersey Providers & Patients

Jersey Health Connect offers innovative technology solutions that allow healthcare providers in the JHC network to securely find a patient’s complete health record directly through the electronic health record (EHR) system. Our connected providers can query the JHC health information network to obtain critical health data that other providers have shared about their patient— such as allergies, prescribed medications, recent tests and lab results.

Access to the JHC health information network also assists providers in meeting various reporting requirements, complying with Meaningful Use Stages, and satisfying data needs associated with valued-based models such as Population Health Management, Accountable Care Organizations, and Patient Centered Medical Homes.

The JHC network also improves the delivery of long-term care and preventative outreach, as well as communication between providers and clinical decisions.

Benefits of the JHC Network:

  • Query for patient records from connected providers through multiple EHR systems
  • Access Medicaid patient health, dental and pharmacy data
  • Exchange health records with providers across the state
  • Submit mandated reportable disease events to public health agencies
  • Exchange patient immunization records with public health registries

Secure Messaging Through JHC Direct

The JHC Direct Messaging service provides a personalized email address that enables providers to securely send patient health information to other authorized healthcare professionals. This service replaces less secure and inefficient methods of patient data exchange, like faxes, unsecure email, and phone calls.

JHC Direct is available to credentialed and authorized members and providers at no charge. The JHC Direct secure email service offers providers:

  • Referrals: use JHC Direct to send patient information to other providers in your referral network
  • Transitions of Care: When transferring a patient, use JHC Direct to send a treatment summary to other care locations
  • Hospital Discharge: A hospital can use JHC Direct to send the discharge instructions to providers

Benefits of JHC Direct:

  • Improve coordination of care with enhanced messaging
  • Ensure secure email messaging with strict governmental standards
  • Expedite referrals to reduce patient wait time and improve patient relations
  • Increase provider satisfaction with free, easy-to-use service