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Healthcare has gone digital. A growing number of healthcare providers in New Jersey have started storing patient data in electronic health/medical records as the first step in moving away from traditional, paper-based files

Create Your Own Personal Health Record

Jersey Health Connect is dedicated to improving healthcare in the Garden State through electronic health information exchange. Your health records are among your most important documents. At Jersey Health Connect, you can keep them well organized and at your fingertips. Keep a concise record of your medications, medical history, tests, healthcare contacts and more in your personal health record (PHR). You can also elect to have your prescription records automatically added to your PHR. You can even print out copies of your PHR to share with your doctors.

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Patients can click the link below to create a Personal Health Record and connect with their providers.

Why Create A Personal Health Record?

A major obstacle in healthcare delivery across the country is limited access to patient medical information. Medical files are created, stored electronically, and then sit on a single provider’s computer or hard drive. Since most patients see multiple providers, their medical information is spread out among those many providers and needs to be “connected” across the different computer systems and technology. Jersey Health Connect creates a bridge between these technical differences and enables the sharing of your health information in a timely and highly secure manner.  Creating and using a PHR enables you to take charge of your own health and reduce unnecessary delays, avoid duplicated efforts (tests/procedures), and even impact potential medical errors.

With A Personal Health Record:

  • You can always have access to your complete health information
  • You can ensure your doctors have reliable (up-to-date) information
  • You can control access to your health information (who can use it or see it)

A medical record and a personal health record are not the same thing. Medical records contain information about your health compiled and maintained by each of your healthcare providers. A personal health record is information about your health compiled and maintained by you. The difference is in how you use your PHR to improve the quality of your healthcare.

Take an Active Role in Your Health by Creating Your Own PHR

JHC helps doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers connect their computer-based patient record systems to a protected statewide network. The network is used to securely share information for patient care and this is called health information exchange. Being connected to a health information exchange network allows health care professionals to access up-to-date patient information, which helps them provide you with better quality care. Additionally, the information is shared in a more protected (safer) way than paper-based files, faxes and mail.

How is My Medical Information Secured in the PHR?

Protecting patient privacy is a top priority for Jersey Health Connect and access to patient data is strictly regulated. Many State and Federal laws set strict guidelines for protecting patient privacy. Additionally, Jersey Health Connect has internal requirements above and beyond those set by law.