National Coalition Drives Emerging HIE Trends

JHC Joins Industry Leaders in Developing HIE Solutions

Jersey Health Connect continues to be actively involved with the Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative (SHIEC), to gain input on emerging data-sharing trends.  In the brief time that JHC has been a member of SHIEC, the organization has grown to over 30 HIEs across 22 states – representing over 100 million patients.

Participating with SHIEC allows JHC to get a better understanding of the HIE landscape and assist in forming national priorities and policy development.  JHC is actively involved in the various working committees of SHIEC (see Committee Chart below)

SHIECs objectives are to promote the many benefits of HIEs through advocacy and an active voice in government and the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC). By bringing together HIE experts who are on the front lines of interoperability, the collaborative leverages subject matter leaders to inform the industry and solve complex challenges.

Recently, JHC participated in a full-day SHEIC symposium on HIE development, exploring the emerging role of payers in data sharing. A series of HIE cases were explored, as well as considerations about new models that have been used for use and payment of HIE information. Building on the experience and success of HIE industry colleagues will serve a benefit to JHC in formulating its strategic approach to new partners and alternative business models.