JHC To Launch New Parental Access Process

JHC To Launch New Parental Access Process

Over the past year, Jersey Health Connect has been working on a solution to address the issue of “parental access to minor sensitive information” within the RelayHealth portal. Fortunately, through collaborative input and insights from our members and management team, JHC has developed a solution to this sensitive issue and we are preparing to go live with a new JHC Parental Access Process on February 16, 2016.

The new process involves breaking the account relationship between parents and minors in the portal. This will only impact those minor patients age 12 or over who have an electronic PHR, and then only if their parents have assumed control of the PHR. These records are a small fraction of those that currently reside in the JHC health exchange.

As part of this solution, we have developed a form by which parents, with their minor’s consent, may preserve their access. For those that do, the process requires that form to be provided to a JHC member hospital that has treated the patient, so that form may be attached to their record in the portal. (The hospital representative who handles the release of information to patients would be the logical contact point at each JHC Member Hospital).

Ultimately (whoever is designated) to handle these requests is going to need to understand this new process. We are assuming the published line for medical records for JHC hospitals is the appropriate point of contact, but if that is not the case at any JHC member hospital – please contact Van Zimmerman, Safety Officer at JHC, van.zimmerman@jerseyhealthconnect.org. We will be sending initial e-mail notifications to the affected accounts on January 15, 2016, after which, we would expect some volume of requests to preserve access.

Below, please find links to a formal letter discussing this, a brief PowerPoint presentation touching on the key points of this process, and the relevant form, which is located on the JHC website.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the new JHC Parental Access Process, or there are individuals you can identify who would be involved in this process, please contact Van Zimmerman (van.zimmerman@jerseyhealthconnect.org) and we will be happy to discuss the process and explain the technical solution that RelayHealth is providing.