JHC Engages Core Stakeholders to Define Future HIE Needs

Taking a Deeper-Dive Into Health Information Exchange

In September 2015, Jersey Health Connect Jersey launched a Strategic Planning Process to better define the organization’s relevancy to members as HIE’s across the country begin to take a larger role in Population Health Management for providers who are transitioning to a value-based reimbursement system. JHC brought together a cross-section of members to participate in the process as it reviewed its strategic value to the evolving healthcare system and updated its core Goals & Objectives for the growing New Jersey HIE network.

As a part of that process, JHC is now working with core healthcare stakeholder groups – physicians, care coordinators, payors, long-term care providers, and pharmaceutical companies – to define the priority needs within each area of the continuum of care. These “plunges” into specific care settings, with providers who are at the frontline of healthcare change, will serve as the catalyst for the evolving use of health IT in the new value based environment.

“HIEs must recognize that sharing and aggregating health data (while meaningful and foundational to the new healthcare process) is a part of a large process of multiple building blocks to achieve a higher level of care management,” says Lou Hermans, Executive Director of JHC. “Our JHC leadership teams have identified clinical decision support (CDS) systems as a primary goal for the organization in the years ahead.”   The interactive computer programs of JHC will assist physicians and other health professionals throughout NJ with decision-making, allowing them to use HIE data to identify patient-specific care needs. They can also use the data to identify sentinel events (defined as patterns of excessive or inappropriate use of care services), missed appointments, or missing tests relative to accepted standards of care, and then promote proactive interventions to address the identified needs.

JHC is building advisory groups of core users to assist them in the identification and development of its expanded portfolio of services. Any JHC member interested in being a part of the process is welcome to join a group and bring their input and insights to the advancement of electronic health exchange. If you’d like to learn more about the Strategic Planning Process or join an advisory group, please contact Tom Casey at tom.casey@jerseyhealthconnect.org.