JHC Drives Strategic Changes to HIE 2.0

JHC Drives Strategic Changes to HIE 2.0

As a stand-alone (self-funded) health information organization, JHC has outpaced HIEs all across the country. Jersey Health now boasts over 5 million transactions per month, with connectivity to over 30 hospitals and health systems and over 150 long-term care facilities.   But the work has just begun on fully realizing and uncapping the potential of Health IT for providers.

“We’ve shown physicians and providers all across New Jersey the future, and now that they see the potential…they want more,” says Lou Hermans, Executive director of JHC. “The more our physicians share and exchange data via the HIE, the more they see new applications for it. Providers have been instrumental in our strategic planning process, defining what they’d like to see us do more of and how we can adapt the architecture to help them care for patients in real-time.”

JHC is utilizing its growing network of providers (now connected to over 8,000 physicians and offices; 175 long-term care facilities; and 32 of the largest hospitals and health systems) to provide input and guidance on advancing the functional use of the network. “Our physicians, nurses, care coordinators, health IT experts and many other professional are actively engaging in our strategic planning process,” explains Lou Hermans, JHC Executive Director. “They know (first hand) what’s working and what’s needed to improve our systems. Among the areas of input and clarification, they provide much needed feedback on:

  • Identifying system gaps and opportunities
  • Defining provider and facility priorities and activities
  • Strategic concepts for progress and a more sustainable future

As JHC completes its strategic planning process, additional provider and member meetings will be scheduled to validate HIE priorities and confirm short-term priorities. “We want to make sure our members not only play an active role in the development and advancement of our network connecting and data services – but also lead the way in building new collaborative partnerships across the New Jersey healthcare community,” says Lou Hermans.

If you are interested in participating in one of JHC’s upcoming strategic planning sessions (for physicians, long-term care providers, care coordinators and others) please contact Micki Foglia at JHC (micki.foglia@jerseyhealthconnect.org).